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SEO Services

We'll optimise your website to improve your search engine results and work with you to build a strategy to improve your overall online presence.

IT Basecamp offer packages to make sure your existing website is optimised to give you the best search engine results. Start with a health check and assessment of your site’s existing status, or sign up for a comprehensive end-to-end solution -  a six month SEO package covering all aspects of improving your online presence.

Website audit:

The website audit includes:

  • - analysing your website to ensure your site adheres to Google’s site ranking guidelines and that it has been submitted to Google,
  • - analysing your website to ensure all the site’s meta tags, title tags, images and keywords are appropriately set,
  • - checking your site’s security status - a current SSL certificate on your site boosts SEO ranking,
  • - checking that your site’s page speeds are optimal,
  • - a report assessing the health of your website - looking for any errors or warnings, broken links or backlinks, and determining the success of current keywords,
  • - a report recommending ways to improve your site - looking at new backlink ideas, keyword suggestions, content improvements.


Six-month SEO package:

The six month SEO package includes:

  • - a full website audit as outlined above; plus,
  • - set up an AdWords account and work with you to set budget and keywords,
  • - plan a strategy with you for developing a social media presence (if this is relevant to your business),
  • - suite of custom WordPress plugins to improve SEO,
  • - any minor design changes to your website needed for improving SEO,
  • - monthly reports analysing the results from both the current month’s Adwords campaign and your organic SERP rankings and comparing these to your top three competitors, recommending any changes, as appropriate,
  • - free web hosting for your website on ITB’s optimised WordPress servers (NGINX servers) for the duration of the SEO package,
  • - migration to SSL hosting on optimised LEMP servers, if required, which helps with Google rankings.


  • Website audit
  • 6-month SEO package