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Saturday - 20 Jul - 2013

Park it By I - Reverse Parking by By Design


Park it by I is a new simple system to allow you to reverse park easily every time! The inventor bought a new car and within 60 minutes of ownership managed to reverse park and scratch an alloy wheel rim of his pride and joy, UPSET? you bet he was, this unpleasant and expensive experience was reinforced 2 days later when he witnessed a driver repeatedly attempt over a 5 minute period a similar parking manoeuvre, this caused a long and stationary queue of angry drivers behind the driver and a subsequent road rage episode that left the driver in a state of extreme distress.  From these observations arose the thought "there must be a better way" and over the next 2 years the Pibi system was researched, designed, developed and tested in consultation with dozens of dedicated professionals and technicians from within the vehicle, optical, photography, manufacturing, printing, legal, mathematics and software industries. Visit the website and take the stress from reverse parking

IT Basecamp have produced the website and written custom software for the checkout process.



Friday - 01 Mar - 2013

Internet Explorer 10 Now Available for Windows 7


Microsoft said on Tuesday that Internet Explorer 10 for Windows 7 is now available worldwide in 95 languages. The company will begin auto updating Windows 7 customers to the new browser in the weeks ahead, but those who have already installed the IE10 Release Preview will see the update kick in starting Wednesday.

"With IE10 we continue delivering the best performance for real world Web sites on your Windows device," said Rob Mauceri, Group Program Manager, Internet Explorer. "As with Windows 8, IE10 on Windows 7 improves performance across the board with faster page loading, faster interactivity, and faster JavaScript performance, while reducing CPU usage and improving battery life on mobile PCs."

In appearance, the new browser looks very similar to Internet Explorer 9. But the upgrade's biggest difference is in speed, a supposed 20-percent improvement across the board with faster page loading, faster JavaScript performance and more while reducing CPU usage and improving battery life on mobile Windows 7-based PCs.

The new browser also provides a 60-percent increase in supported modern Web standards – over 30, according to Mauceri -- including the latest HTML5, CSS3, DOM, Web Performance, and Web Application specifications. As an example, developers can now create rich visual effects with CSS Text Shadow, CSS 3D Transforms, CSS3 Transitions and Animations, CSS3 Gradient, and SVG Filter Effects.

On the security front, IE10 has the Do Not Track (DNT) feature switched on by default.

"In addition to Tracking Protection, IE continues to lead in providing increased choice and control over your privacy online. Customers can choose to turn-off the DNT signal in the options settings in Internet Explorer," Mauceri said. "Our commitment to keeping Windows customers in control of their privacy and data sharing continues, especially in the current environment of so much user data being collected online without explicit consent or user awareness."

The browser also includes improvements to make common, every day browsing activities faster such as integrated spell checking and auto-correct tools for common spelling mistakes. This makes typing texts for blog posts, social updates, and even tweets "faster and less error prone," Microsoft said. A fine-tuned tabs bar also makes closing multiple tabs even earlier.

To show off IE10's new powers, Microsoft is offering hardware accelerated demos like the fully-featured HTML5-based Minesweeper, the Chalkboard and Speed Reading. What you won't experience is a face-full of browser UI, but rather the contents within the displayed web page itself. That's on purpose, as Microsoft wants the browser to be a simple window looking out onto the web, not a busy, tacky frame distracting users from the subject.

To grab Internet Explorer 10 for Windows 7, head here.

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Friday - 01 Mar - 2013

Apple patent application details magnetic iPad stand for extra-secure mounting

A recently published Apple patent reveals the design for a "magnetic tablet configured to rigidly hold a portion of the tablet device in place." You can bet that "tablet device" is the iPad, and judging from the many photos associated with the patent, the stand is meant to mount the slate more securely than your average dock, not to mention the Smart Cover. One scenario, for instance, shows the iPad secured on top of a treadmill, while another depicts the device hanging from the roof of the car. By far the most intriguing example is two iPads connected to each other magnetically, creating a hinge between the two displays. Click through to the source link for a look at Cupertino's other envisioned use cases for this super-strength stand -- though don't get your hopes up on seeing this design hit stores any time soon; the original patent was filed in late 2011.